Chatan Tourism MaaS Project "Chatamobi" Chatan Tourism MaaS Project "Chatamobi"

Chatan Tourism MaaS Project "Chatamobi"

Located in a very convenient location as a base for Okinawa tourism, Chatamobi LLC is working on the Chatan Tourism MaaS Project "Chatamobi" with the aim of providing enjoyable and comfortable Okinawa tourism to our customers based in Chatan-cho. Chatan Transit Center, the base of Chatamobi, opened in November 2021, and the direct flight "Chatan Airport Express" connecting Chatan-cho to Naha Airport in 45 minutes was introduced. After arriving in Chatan-cho, you can freely move to American Village, major hotels, and beaches with the "Shuttle Cart Unlimited Ticket," a benefit of the Airport Express. Additionally, we offer a seaside route for the "Mihama Shuttle Cart," which allows you to enjoy the beautiful sea and the sunset over the sea in Chatan-cho. For those looking for a way to explore hidden spots in Chatan-cho, we recommend renting the "Mihama Share Cart," a vehicle that provides a sense of liberation for an exhilarating road trip. After sunset, the "Sociable Cart (SC-1)," an entertainment vehicle developed jointly by Sony and Yamaha, is in operation, with the Moonlight Cruise along the coast becoming a popular attraction. Furthermore, renting a car in Chatan-cho minimizes waiting times for procedures and ensures smooth travel to various parts of the prefecture. Chatan Tourism MaaS "Chatamobi" offers a new tourism style that allows you to enjoy your trip to Okinawa to the fullest from start to finish.

*MaaS stands for Mobility as a Service, an initiative that consolidates various modes of transportation, such as airplanes, buses, trains, and more, into a single service that integrates route planning, booking, and payment, making travel more convenient.

Services Provided by Chatamobi

Mihama Shuttle Cart

Mihama Shuttle Cart

The Mihama Shuttle Cart offers a leisurely drive along the beautiful coastline of Chatan-cho. With its liberating vehicle design, you can enjoy Okinawa and Chatan-cho with all your senses.